About Us

AnimeOne Ai®

is a Large Language Model (LLM) trained on a range of tasks. You may ask it for help in generating documents, solving complex problems, developing solutions and countless other applications. Teachers can create their curriculum in a quick and generative manner, public servants can reduce time spent drafting documents, accountants can analyze large datasets and reconcile accounts in a programmatic manner. The best way to utilize AnimeOne Artificial Intelligence is to be iterative, solving one problem at a time and building from previous interactions.

We are as ants before the cosmos, oh what a joke this must all be

-Harim Montemayor 2009

Our Mission

To grant Artificial intelligence to marginalized and under-served communities who otherwise may have found the technology too challenging to overcome.

Our Technology

A cityscape, with tall skyscrapers and a street scene

Stable Diffusion

generate detailed images based on text descriptions

A group of birds flying over a forest

Dall E2

AI art generator based on machine learning

A man sitting in a chair reading a book

AnimeOne Ai

Generative predictive text artificial intelligent bot.

A musician with a bold graphic style


Coming Soon

Artificial Intelligence will make you more productive!

We are an organization with an educational focus